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Exclusive Preorders

We are ecstatic to extend a special invitation to the 2023 Exclusive Preorder launch for our new line of the world's first Climate Resilient Strawberries, brought to you by Singrow.

Your support has been invaluable, and we couldn't have reached this milestone without you. As such, a special invitation has been sent out to all of you who have expressed interest in BLOOOM's strawberries before but couldn't get your hands on them.

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The World's First Genomic & Precision Agriculture Transformation Platform

Tackling Global Issues

Rapid population growth have led to food insecurity due to increased demand for food and strain on agricultural resources.


Population growth_edited.jpg

Population Growth


The median age of farmers in multiple continents

Average age of farmers is rising and the younger generations are less interested in taking up farming as a profession. This trend is raising concerns about the sustainability of global food production and the ability to meet the growing demand for food in the future.

Aging Farmers_edited.jpg

Ageing Farmers



The estimated global rates of malnutrition among children 

Global Malnutrition

Global malnutrition is a pressing issue caused by an overabundance of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor crops like wheat, corn, and soybeans, while at the same time, not producing enough nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables. This imbalance in the food system has contributed to a rise in obesity, undernourishment, and diet-related health issues globally.


Consumers seeking health and wellness through food

There is a growing consumer interest in using food for health and wellness, and this trend is having a significant impact on the agriculture industry. Farmers are increasingly being called upon to produce more diverse and nutrient-rich crops to meet the demand for healthier food options.


Functional Foods


Our Genomic Technology


Genome Sequencing

Enables sequencing of multiple cutivars of smaller crop genomes at low cost

Genome Annotation

Genome annotation identifies DNA functional elements, aiding crop improvements and understanding genetics, including comparative genomics.

Genome Adaptation & Application

Using techniques such as marker-assisted cross breeding and advanced technology including CRISPR-Cas9, we are able to create our own proprietary crop varieties that are more energy efficient, faster growing and tastefully delicious.

Our Precision Method


Our patented growth systems comes with a slew of technologies that increases farm efficiency, allowing for higher yields, more precise control and reliable analytics. We are constantly developing our hardware capabilities to meet the needs of our farm and clients.

The remote control farm system features a precision control panel capable of managing environmental factors such as air moisture, temperature, CO2 levels, and lighting conditions, which uses a combination of white, red, and blue light which can be scheduled accordingly to each crop respective dusk and dawn treatments. This allows for precise management of the farm environment, leading to optimized crop growth and increased efficiency.

Remote Farming

VOC Scanner V 0.0_edited.jpg

VOC Scanner


The VOC sensor is a vital component of our precision farming technique as it detects volatile organic compounds in the air and provides information on the plant's health status. By identifying stress signals through the VOC device, farm operators can take prompt action to address issues before they become visible to the naked eye.

Case Study_Site.png

Based on Singrow's Strawberry Production Case Study

We utilize our exclusive platform to produce the freshest and highest quality produce, including non-GMO Rouge & Blanc strawberries. Through personalized cultivation techniques, we have complete control over every stage of crop growth, without the use of pesticides. Our strawberry plants typically mature in just 3.5 months, compared to the usual 6 months.


More crop yield


Less production time


More energy efficient than traditional farms

Our Findings

Brix (o)



Seasonal Bearing


Singrow Strawberry
in Singapore


6 - 8

12 - 16


Oct - May

All Year




Price in Singapore (S$/Kg)





Very High



Carbon Footprint




Our Team

We came into existence with the goal of providing products that no other companies can match.

By using biological science, technology and AI, we had developed an efficient yet sustainable way to cultivate crops.

PhD and Adjunct Lecturer in molecular biology at NUS, has 15 years of experience in plant physiology and molecular biology. They have developed a faster indoor cultivation method for tropical-resilient strawberries, making a significant impact on the industry.

An experienced agronomist with 15+ years of experience in greenhouse vegetables, row crops, tree fruits, and herb cultivation in the US and China. Specializes in biocontrol, biofortification, and organic farming. Serves as Chief Technology Advisor for China's largest strawberry farm, contributing to the industry's transformation. Holds an MBA and a BS in Mathematics.

Experienced executive with 25+ years of expertise in technology, ecommerce, and business development. Successfully led revenue growth as CMO and VP of Growth at Nokia APAC and served as CMO at HonestBee.

81 Science Park Dr

Singapore Science Park 1 #02-04

Singapore 118257

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